Hi! Welcome to Snapshots! Are we backing up or restoring today?

Oh, the interview. I thought you were coming in next week. Well, come on back. I’ll show you around.

We’ve been at this location for about a month? It’s hard to keep track sometimes. People were slow to come in at first, but our repeat customers are super loyal! We have people coming in a couple times a day just to get backed up.

This guy right here is where the magic happens. You climb into this big glass tube and let our machine scan your body. The whole process takes about five seconds, from scanning your body to storing every little piece of state in half a dozen data centers around the world. Every hair on your head, every neuron in your brain, and every unclipped toenail all get backed up. We’re working on the technology to improve the backups so the restored you comes out with perfectly combed hair and fresh breath. This tube’s open 24/7, so you can get backed up when it’s convenient for you. One day, you’ll be able to get a backup on every street corner or even get it in your phone.

Of course, a backup doesn’t do you any good unless you can can restore it, and that’s where this guy comes in. We call it The Slab, but it’s really more like a fancy operating table. If something happens to you- a crippling accident, a late-stage disease, or just want to go back to that good hair day, we put you on the slab and restore your body within half an hour. The only problem is that the system has to do the full backup. So, say, it won’t really fix your genetic disease, and you won’t remember the sweet skateboard trick that took your leg and made you come get restored. You get put back exactly how you were when you took the backup, so the fun new thing to do is stick your tongue out or flip the bird when we take the scan. We had a couple in here just last week get scanned on their wedding day. Super romantic, right?

Hm? Well, it’s impossible to guarantee that there won’t be any errors introduced in the process, but I haven’t noticed any so far. All our customers seem really satisfied when they come out. I’m one of them, after all! The two other girls here swear by it, too. We look the same and went to the same training- we like to joke that they could save some space and use the same file for all three of us!

Well, I guess someone could use a scan that didn’t belong to them. We always check ID before doing the restore, so we’d know about it if it did happen. I talked it over with Gemmy and Gemmy, and we all agreed we’d never do something like that. So, can I get you an account today?

I just told you that we don’t have the technology to manipulate the scans yet. Even if our customers were having their brains changed, don’t you think we’d notice? I mean, I love it here. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.

Where are you going? Is the interview over already?