Mersenne crossed his arms. Layers upon layers of pink frills draped over his body. He blew a lock of pink hair up over his tiara. “Do I really have to wear this?”

“You do if you want that new computer you’re always talking about.” Cookie spit in her hand and slicked his dyed hair back. “Lars is the only director who’ll work with you after you bit that girl.”

“I don’t know what she’s complaining about. She got a hit song out of it.” He grumbled. “Protect Valkyrie is not a computer. It’s a self-“

“Get out there and say the damn line.” She stuffed the grey plastic scepter with the pink gem on top into his hand and yanked him in front of cameras. “And save the fake gagging until the nice man says ‘cut’.” The minotaur shoved him right in the chest and stomped off in the direction of craft services. This was the first time Mersenne was happy for the socks stuffed down his top. He cleared his throat and forced a smile on his face.

“Take three. Action.”

“Princess Potatoes are so good, you’ll feel downright royal!” The smile strained at his face until he heard that magic word. Stick it to the man later, Mersenne. For now, play their game.

“Cut! That’s as good as we’re gonna get today.” A man with a blond goatee calls. “Actors, pick up your checks.”

Mersenne grabbed his agent’s wrist. “Earn your ten percent and get me out of this thing. I can barely move my arms past all these ruffles.”

Cookie snorted. “Only three takes? I moved a doctor appointment for this. Maybe you’re starting to like working for the man.”

Mersenne was about to give her an earful when she have him a pat on the pink head. “Yeah, yeah. We’re all capitalist scum, but some of us stay in jail when we don’t pay our taxes.” She kept his hand on his head and walked the pouting potato princess to collect his check. Made out to cash, of course. Mersenne snatched the check out of Cookie’s hand with a surprisingly agile leap for a boy with more petticoats than birthdays. “I’ll make it eleven percent if you drive me home, too.”

“A whole three bucks?” She laughed. “Tell you what, I’ll do it and call that my tip if you say the line again. And don’t think I forgot you’re supposed to giggle.”

Mersenne fumed.