A guy online mentioned that you need two coordinates to specify a point on the Earth’s surface. This is wrong. You can do it with one. Imagine sticking a pin on a globe. Anywhere will do. You can start at the North Pole, but it’d probably be more convenient to start somewhere more populated and somewhat central to places people want to talk about, like Denver or Greenwich. Then, take a long thread with markings every inch or so, like a ruler. The thinner the thread and more numerous the markings, the more accurate you can get. Then, pin one end of the string to the globe and spiral outwards. This way, you can refer to any point on the globe just by referring to the nearest point on the string. You can get more accuracy by using a thinner string- fishing line lets you more accurately point to places than rope. You can even extend it to any dimension coordinates by layering the rope on top of itself. Maybe someone thought of this before, but I sure felt clever.