Tonight was an adventure. I was walking home from a night out when I noticed a black leather pocketbook in the gutter. I picked it up. It was dry. Pristine, even. Brand new. Curious, I looked around. Nobody. I opened it up. One Jeanine Yarbar (or Yarber, if you believe her credit cards) had misplaced the pocketbook containing two credit cards and her driver’s license. I looked to the nearby fire station for guidance, but the lights were out. I took the pocketbook home and tried to look up Mrs. Yarbar. Searches suggested a different address than the one printed on her driver’s license. I decided to drive it over to the address on her license. One detour later (road work) and I arrived. I ended up leaving it to a man who didn’t sound like he had all his senses but did have at least one American flag-themed article of clothing on. He introduced himself as Roger Yarbar, which squares with what little I could find online. Jeanine, if you’re reading this, I hope I did the right thing.