“Well, there’s the tour.” Her black heels click to a stop in front of an empty cubicle. “You’ve seen the chronomaton, the time hole, and the break room, so I’ll leave you to it! If you have any questions about your time sheet, let me know.” She tucked her clipboard under her arm and walked away.

He sat at his desk. He stared at his time sheet. The time sheet stared back. Its rows and columns of time zones forming a neat four-by-four square. He gingerly laid his hand on the mouse. This was it. Deep breath. This is what all four weeks at community college were about. He moused to the little green plus sign in the corner. “Enter Time”, it said. He clicked. One of the zones turned a vibrant teal. He worried for a second. The textbooks all said it’d be more of an aquamarine. He’d have to check the calibratrix later. For now?

Now he had to save time.